JAPANESE GARDEN DESIGNS……see www.paul-darby.co.uk

JAPANESE GARDEN DESIGNS……see www.paul-darby.co.uk

one of the specialist services I offer, one of the things I enjoy most, is the designing of a Japanese Garden for a private client, or, a public organisation.
I can give you the ‘essence’ of a Japanese garden, within your existing garden.
I have studying the subject for many years, and have designed many during that time.
I have studied Japanese Garden Design as part of my Ph.D in oriental philosophy, and feng shui, and courses with Takashi Sawano,.I have written a course on Japanese Garden Design for the Horticultural Correspondence College, have provided features on Japanese Gardens for KOI CARP magazine and numerous magazines and newspapers over the years, as well as delivering lectures at Warwick University on the feng shui aspects of Japanese Gardens……the five main styles, and informal talks/workshops to numerous gardening societies, W.I. groups, flower arranging groups. I have also commentated on gardens for BBC Radio Cambridge, at the Chelsea Flower Show and many other audiences, including NEC Gardeners’ World Live and The Ideal Home Exhibition.

I do design all styles of gardens for all kinds of budgets; including not only Japanese style gardens, but also any style of garden to the principles and guidelines of Feng Shui.

Gardens are a lovely way of getting good energy around your home, which then can infuse your home with great circulating chi!

All good things

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