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As a shaman, guru, I do find being a musician as well helps me read the subtle and gross energy cycle vibrations. Just as I play, read, enjoy music daily, so too daily, I find that I can read the patterns, harmonies, discords of the heavenly music, the ripples, the vibrations playing all the time. […]

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OAK……..symbol of strength and endurance…….

Oak trees, small or large, oak leaves…….symbols of strength and endurance, place in the feng shui eastern sector of your home. Can help to overcome addictions and obsessions, A very powerful spiritual helper, caste away the old, welcome the new. Be rid of ‘bad ways’, welcome new days! Inner strength is lifted, energy improved, a […]

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PEONY—gentle healing, restoration of energy life force……

Red bright peony, symbol of love and closeness. We live in an age of plastic, synthetic love where I LOVE YOU is trotted out too often and for the wrong reasons. In monkey year, love can begin again, can be ended, can be mended and restored. It does take two though. Peony the symbol of […]

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MONKEY YEAR 2016, full creativity now with us!

Still, as you have found, nothing is straightforward in this year of the monkey! Deceptions have abounded, promises broken, relationships tangled—highs and lows. Now, expect the unexpected, gremlins abound, and yet a new adventure is needed……right now, to take us forward into Sept/Oct. Use June, July, August, to chew over plans and ideas. Do not […]

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June is the green corn moon, the Choctaw call this full moon in June the windy moon…..often triggering thunderstorms, symbols of new energy, positively charged chi, use it! Green bright energy of this full moon, place evergreens in the east and southeastern feng shui sectors of your home and garden, a small pine tree is […]

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Solstice is the longest day, the shortest night…time of fire and light, time of bright reds, yellows and purples, time of bonfires and shining lanterns. Joyous celebrations, good unexpected surprises and advances……the wheel has reached its pinnacle, chi energy flows strongly, and needs to be used. Gather loved ones close, communicate, share, hug. Take time […]

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