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POWERFUL JULY, will enable you to fly…..

July in Goat Year is a powerful time, a transformation of energies. 2nd July……first full moon, begins the purification, the blowing away of the past. 16th July… moon, silver and swishing, bringing chances for you to say exactly how you feel. 31st July…..second full moon of the month, seals the newness in, energy still rises, […]

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JULY—special energy month, two full moons and a powerful new moon..HURRAH!

July is a very special energy month in this goat year—-there is a full moon right at the start of the month, on the 2nd, then again on the 31st, plus a powerful new moon on the 16th. This means the chi energy rising and stabilising, supporting new adventures, risks, being brave. A chance, a […]

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NEW MOON—16TH, leading to summer solstice 21st

new moon 16th,,,, be challenged, accept, smile and nod, advance. Feel excited, expect silver linings, stay positive. Take an extra big step forward. Dark side of the moon is here, time for adventures. Be brave, be optimistic, be positive………take action, don’t just talk about taking action and then shy away from the day. No holding […]

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HOLLY…….protective warrior……strength through challenge

You should have built up your strength now through the last two months, and the mid[after the 15th] to the end of June, and right through July, brings a chance to face big challenges and win! Test your bravery, go for it, launch into a new adventure. Holly is your protective warrior, its prickles your […]

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