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WILLOW, magical and empowering!

Now is a really good time to plant green bamboo and/or willow in your garden. If you have a small garden, a Kilmarnock Willow is ideal……planted in the eastern sector of your garden, where the sun rises. The willow tree corresponds to the Ogham letter–shail-uh— a deepness of love and emotion can be encouraged and […]

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STORM MOON —-full moon—- April 4th 2015

Leading up to the Spring Full Moon, 4th April, normally stormy weather, freakish blasts, as the vibrational energy changes. According to the Cherokee, this is the Windy Moon, also known as the Storm Moon. Spring comes, as storms sweep in, high winds can damage tress and homes, this energy surge is heightened by the lunar […]

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Brave new, youthful energy——-cherry blossom in the east and south sectors of the feng shui wheel. The blossoms are superb for clearing away old, bad stagnant energies……raising good vibrations. Blossoms in corners of rooms helps to move the stale stuff, bring in the new. Cherry blossom essence sprayed into a room does the same thing. […]

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ALDER AND WILLOW, bring healing and new life energy……

Supportive and strong, a healing force, linking us to our deep subconscious thought–alder/willow in the east/southeast move the energy wheel in our favour,,, good creative supportive energy is enhanced. Also a great energy to shelter us from over emotive reactions, a firm balance and calmness. In your house, in the east/southeast…items made from willow/alder bring […]

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For those who live in colder climes, Spring comes as a relief from winter’s darkness and chilliness. The light returns, hope is restored, buds appear on trees, flowers begin to blossom, nature celebrates with myriad forms of new life. Ostara, Celtic Festival, is a time of the symbolism of fertility, youth, new growth. Creative goat […]

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