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MONKEY YEAR BEGINS FEB 8TH 2016…….general trends for all animals……..

Nothing is straightforward in the year of the monkey! ********ALL ANIMALS, TAKE CARE FOR THE FIRST 3 TO 4 MONTHS! Little details will tend to trip you up, especially in the first few months, until May and June are with us. Expect the unexpected until then…delays, gremlins, two steps forward, three steps back. A great […]

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To the Cherokee, January is the time of the Cold Moon, to the Choctaw……it is the phase of the Cooking Moon—using stored food to get the tribe through the end of winter months, with renewed energy. January in the Northern Hemisphere is the peak of winter, a tinging cold, when the chi cools and the […]

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NEW MOON JANUARY 10TH, 2016, DYING GOAT……crocus and birch

A weaker energy is around now, until the monkey new year hits on Feb 8th. January is very much a time of sorting, and in the UK, time of crocus and silver birch stirring! Crocus shows that a coolness of emotions, temper and mind can bring about growth and well-being. Crocus can assuage anger, calm […]

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