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To be used, as and when you need them.
Stressbusting, worry dissolving, confidence building, even help with quitting smoking, dealing with insomnia, anger management…
…below are a couple of examples to introduce you to Paul’s ‘life support system’……


  • ‘Let Paul help you to be mindful, and stop being mind full!’ Peter, Dundee
  • ‘This really works, helping me overcome a fear of flying,’ Sam, Hampshire
  • ‘A great release from fears and worry, thank you Paul,’ Gillian, Slough
  • ‘Break free forever, with Paul as your guide,’ Edie, Halesowen
  • ‘A delightful resource, so helpful,’ Jayne, Roehampton
  • ‘Profound, yet stunningly simple to use, ‘ Sue, Hereford


  • Paul teaches you about his life support system, stressbusting, relaxing–taking control of your life. 
  • His easy to follow FREE videos will help you relax and discover a stress free life.
  • Paul’s system is constructed carefully and sensitively to help you gain awareness, balance and calmness within everyday complex living, Paul aims to give you back a sense of a ‘still point in a turning world’– keep on and carry calm, a sense of well-being. 

What is Paul Darby’s ‘life support system?’

Paul, the guru geezer, shows you simple techniques of positive breathing, sitting and moving meditations, using breathing, integrating physical postures, easy to learn methods, calm focused intention, positive mind motivation.
Paul’s ‘life support system’, a toolbox of techniques’, can be used==anytime, anyplace, anywhere—helping you through your busy day, everyday===on your phone, your tablet, your laptop, yout PC!

Paul’s ‘toolbox of techniques’ is an integration of physical postures, breathing techniques, and focused intentions.


  • ‘Practical and easy to learn, rewire your brain, change your responses,’ Billy, Wigan
  • ‘A revolutionary toolkit of techniques,’ Declan, Wicklow
  • ‘So positive, so easy to follow,’ Pam, Dudley
  • ‘Playfully explore its uses, this ‘life support system’ will astound you,’ Matt, London
  • ‘Change the patterns, break the habits, learn to live,’ Mary, Somerset

Paul has taught his ‘life support system’ successfully, over the last 20+ years to all age groups, from 8 to 93.

The gentle, rhythmic movements, breathing exercises and sitting meditations can be used to reduce stress, build stamina, increase vitality, and enhance the immune system.
Western scientific research [as shown on Paul’s documentary on BBC2 TV] confirms that Qigong/meditation/breathing techniques–‘controlled breathing’—helps to reduce hypertension, anxiety, stress, and, can be used to combat insomnia, anger and provide support/positivity when quitting smoking and improving self esteem.

His simple exercises, done daily, just for a few minutes at a time, re-establish the body/mind/soul connection.

Paul teaches you how to relieve the complex stresses of everyday life. Paul shows you how to clear your muddy system, untangling the twisted, tight knots of anger, despair, a feeling of loss of control and more.

These positive videos can enrich your life…
…..bringing calmness, simple solutions within a complex world, ancient skills for modern living.


    • ‘Dissolve all that is holding you back, make positive changes, let Paul guide you,’ Ann, Rhyl
    • ‘Ready to use, practical, works like magic’, George, Stoke
    • ‘Release your fears and worries, see them dissolve away,’ Thea, Bristol
    • ‘Be rid of those things which hamper your life, break free,’ Eve, Axbridge
    • ‘Delightfully simple, enriching and easy to succeed,’ Tony, Glastonbury

As easy as ABC–awareness, balance, calmness, –take control!

Paul teaches qi gong, sitting meditation, positive breathing, ‘tapping’, to stressbust===to help with self esteem, quitting smoking, insomnia, confidence, performance anxiety, anger, worry. His ‘life support system’ encourages a positive outlook on life and helps eliminate harmful attitudes and behaviors.

His extensive, yet easy to learn ‘toolbox of techniques’, blended carefully from Paul’s learning and experiences from the teachings of Tibetan masters, Chinese Sifus, Zen senseis, humanistic psychologists, will help you to create a calmer life style, bringing–awareness, balance, control==greater harmony, stability, and enjoyment.
Anyone can enrich their lives by adding Paul’s videos, his ‘toolkit’,
to their daily routine.
Everyone can benefit from Paul’s videos, learn to develop increased awareness, balance, control and calmness; reduce stress; enhance quality of life.
Life does not change, the ‘battle’ remains, so change your ‘response–ability’, the way you deal with life!
Let Paul show you how——-no vast amounts of time commitment, no rose petals, no candles, no special secret long spiritual rituals—-just easy, ‘street level’ common sense ways to keep on and carry calm within your day–everyday!


    • ‘Jump right in’, Lynn, York
    • ‘Paul’s toolkit of techniques brings clarity and calm, he is like a trusted, caring friend, there at your side, whenever you need him—a great life support system in these ever-changing, busy times,’ Ross, Fulham
    • ‘Fun, easy, practical and — it works,’ Celia, Bromsgrove

As well as using these techniques himself over a period of many many years, on a daily basis—from a time when he was extremely ill. Paul has now taught them in hospitals, schools, the workplace—to doctors, to nurses, to teachers—he has demonstrated these techniques at THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF NURSING in London, to GPs, dentists, to schoolchildren, actors, in care homes, to sales executives, to all kinds of workers and patients in recuperation after major surgery. His BBCTV 2 programme in 2003–‘Everyman–Does Meditation Work?’, featured these techniques when he taught nine factory workers how to use them in a factory environment.

Learn this ‘life support system’, this ‘toolkit of techniques’, to be used in little gentle ‘bites’, throughout the working day—start feeling relaxed, in control, more aware, calmer, more assertive in no time.
Paul’s techniques are easy, simple to learn, and are–‘martini meditations’–
they can be used —–
– – ‘anytime, anyplace, anywhere’ – –

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