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Samhain is the final harvest…… is the Celtic New Year. Now, whatever has not been harvested, must be left in the fields…….whatever that is left unsorted over the next few days and weeks, will stay as a stain, rotting ‘matter’ affecting your future…the energies of next year and beyond. Clear the fields, sweep the decks, […]

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2020……new energy time

In 2020 comes a complete new energy chapter of 60 years. It is a time for our children and grandchildren…..a time of youthful power and new achievements. The lift, shift and preparation towards rat year 2020, begins with the arrival of this October full moon on the 16th. Chances, opportunities, new pathways, decisions, all must […]

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When the light wanes, the days now grow shorter, it is the time of chrysanthemums…… They symbolically shine light into the darkness, In feng shui terms, they lift the chi…..use purple Michelmas daisies in the northeast sector, reds, yellows in the east, southeast, south, pink ones in the southwest, white in the west, northwest, north—–in […]

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October is a special energy….new moons,,1st and 31st,,,full moon 16th

Two new moons and a full moon in mid month give October a special energy lift right the way tbrough. If you need to move on, take decisions, make new plans, dare to be adventurous, be rid of old ways, old relationships, start new beginnings——October is the month. End this monkey year with a new […]

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