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A LITTLE SHOP==one last hurrah, a meditation journey, red cord bangles

May is certainly a new chapter for me. I have recorded a folks music CD, my first for many years! I have re-issued my MEDITATION JOURNEY CD, based on stressbusting techniques from a programme I did for BBC2, teaching nine factory workers to de-stress their lives……. I am also selling ‘lucky’ red cord bangles, so […]

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in HORSE year, May begins a phase of really good energy! For in MAY, this coming energy will be a turning point, a big MAY BE—–a time of necessary action for SO many people. high energy comes galloping in, hold the reins and ride the horse, but do not grasp too tightly, especially if you […]

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coming up to the new moon energy a last chance to untangle the tangled dissolve the complicated disarm the crafty battles must be fought and won in MAY the only way is simple, honest, straightforward, ignore the threats, the prods, the sword tips.. hold the reins, advance, and let St George and St Michael cut […]

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with the onset of the willow full moon today, 2014 horse year finally begins to gallop, we enter a chi energy phase of success and commitment….. the only danger is staying where you are, doing exactly what you are doing now! Allow change, allow newness, allow movement….otherwise, you will be stuck in the same rut […]

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The influence of the full moon begins today and will get stronger and stronger, full blast on the 14/15/16 April. The willow moon indicates a great time for talking, making agreements —-bend, but do not break! The willow moon is also a great time for healing to occur, being rid of past wounds and starting […]

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and so—the journey begins—

RAT—–may and june, significant changes, romance if you are not yet in a relationship! Sudden and exciting, the rising sun brings pleasure……a new way of ‘being in control’. Give thanks when thanks is due. OX—–newness needed, but slowly slowly, ease away from past ways of working, and enter a new ‘office’, a new style, do […]

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