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AEFTERRA GEOLA [late yule]

The first few weeks after the winter solstice are called late yule in Old English/Pagan. Prepare plans and lists for the coming new year, begin to put them into operation in March/April. Bless the Plough, prepare new ground, scatter new seeds. Dig over a patch of soil, renew vows, polish brass and copper….be prepared, as […]

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snowflake obsidian

Snowflake obsidian is the symbol of coming out ‘of a long dark tunnel, into the refreshing new light’. This stone can be placed in the feng shui sectors of the west——new phase beginning, place seven small snowflake obsidian stones there, raising the chi energy, and place one in the northwest sector…..sector of helpful people, important […]

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LONG NIGHTS MOON AND WINTER SOLSTICE… monkey year starts to die!

Full moon…, 14th December. To the Cherokee, December full moon is the snow moon. The Choctaw call it the Peach Moon, because of its colour, and to the Dakota Sioux, it is simply the Twelfth Moon. The world turns dark and needs light, fire, tinsel, sparkle….to keep the chi energy vibrating and rising. Honour, death, […]

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