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OAK……..summer solstice……..

the oak tree corresponds with the Ogham letter duir, symbol of strength and endurance, a powerful spiritual symbol for the Celts. This hot summer is the time to claim what is yours, seek a love adventure, cast off the old worries, welcome new opportunities. In the feng shui sector of the east, three green candles, […]

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HOT HOT HOT, entry into summer of love……

Goat Year 2015, UK followers and clients, energy is getting ripe to burst into a hot summer of love, as we go into the end of first week of June…then through July, and August, watch, feel…… temperatures rising, emotions on a high, hugs and kisses, hold hands, prance and dance, all good things now possible, […]

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JUNE SOON,,,,,,,watch the moon………full moon, June 2nd……

June is the month of the Green Corn Moon. A vital crop in Cherokee tradition, at this time the green stalks grow rapidly. The Choctaw call this month the time of the Windy Moon…..summer thunderstorms, which change the strong yang energy very quickly, allowing passionate emotions to the surface. Exuberant green energy is everywhere, plant […]

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You may find that right now, between the 11th and the 17th, there will be delays, pauses and gaps in communication, or misunderstandings of emotions and words. This is merely an energy blip and ‘normal service’ will be resumed next week as we head for the new moon of May..on the 18th……a time of spotlights, […]

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