Monthly Archives: January 2017

HEMATITE……..strength and protection

Hematite is a metallic iron ore. It is said to have been used by warriors to help them succeed in battle. In hard times, at times of stress, pressure….interviews, presentations, and worse…..use for strength, power and balance. Carry it in a left hand side pocket, or place near your bed, or under your pillow. The […]

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COCKEREL YEAR BEGINS…..JANUARY 28TH 2017….gung hai fa choi…….

Cockerel year is a time for looking forward…..onward and upward. Watch the small detail though, and take no financial risks early in the year! Politically and domestically, this is a year for the downtrodden to make their voices heard…say exactly what you want. It is the perfect year, especially spring and summer to expand, retire, […]

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