Monthly Archives: February 2018

Puppy dog yaps…..

Now in dog year, puppy chi energy yaps…..bouncy and curious. Be unafraid, be bold, seek answers. Investigate. Kindness and giving bring quick rewards. Little acts of random kindness each day bring good karma. Chi is rising, is supportive. Link your emotional, physical, love feng shui sector of the southwest to your spiritual feng shui sector […]

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February 16th 2018…..start of Dog Year.

2017 was cockerel year, a time for big changes, moves, new chapters. 2018…..Now dog year begins, a time for making wishlists, a time for a focus on the finer details. April, August, October are exceptionally good energy months, small subtle changes and little deals much better now than big ones. 2019, pig year…..focus on personal […]

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