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Full moon flying in 28th Sept

A great time to begin A new chapter A new commitment A new pastime As the chi energy becomes supportive for renewal and progress in October and November. Add little simple rituals within your day All good things

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NEW STRINGS OF ENERGY TWANGING IN SOON, just general guidelines, detailed readings available –specifically for you–see SERVICES page at this website, RAT—rise up, work, hugs to newness, boos to frustrations–be rid,,,’gird up your loins’, movement is needed OX—mmm, love surfacing if you want to hold it to you, be ready for quick changes as […]

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During mid September, add ivy to the east of your home, the feng shui sector of growth and ambition, sulphur heart ivy, Marengo varieties are especially good, and small leafed sagitta……symbols of ‘shooting high’, making your demands known…have a potted ivy on your office desk, top left hand corner away from your chair. Ivy is […]

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ADD SUNFLOWERS,,,,,,and get fruity!

Place nine sunflowers in a red vase in the southern feng shui sector of your home. Brightness here attracts connections to the outside world, to solutions and lateral thinking, involvement of experts and advisers. Energy for expansion, happiness, health, radiance and empowerment! Also great in that southern sector right now, in a wooden bowl, cherries, […]

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The energy phase between the new moon, 13th Sept, and the full moon, 28th Sept, is considered to be a great time for making decisions about the future…also a great time for new ventures, new activities–especially any which are connected with drama/music/media/art/photography, and have connections with at least one other country and three people in […]

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