Monthly Archives: June 2013

BUSY TIMES, as full energy of snake year slithers in, time for movement and changes

Am working in London next week and meeting the lovely Geoff Boycott, and then feng shui-ing the offices of a large accountancy firm in Birmingham. It’s good when large companies take on board feng shui and ask my advice, I have done a lot of very big High Street names over the years, who enjoy […]

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really enjoyed my time working at the sanctuary, dowsing, feng shui-ing, and medicine man drumming,,,,,

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Tonight’s full moon is a super moon, riding close to the Earth– The quickly changing chi about can result in earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, rising big tides. Emotions ride high, make much needed decisions. Move forward to new pathways, begin new chapters, follow new dreams. The time is ripe, the time is right, go go go, […]

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