Monthly Archives: January 2020

Kung hei fat choi.. Year of the ? Rat…

Xin nian kuai le The year begins on January 25th, Rat brings the opportunity for big changes, total transformations, new chapters. Accept challenges, move forward, move up…. The first three steps are the most important. Sincere simplicity is the best way, crafty complications will end in stagnation. Say YES, smile, move on. Open up new […]

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2020 vision

Year of the Rat…..2020…….begins 25th January. This is the start of a brand new 60 year vibrational energy phase, generally good for all. Real big changes should be made, metamorphosis, new chapters started, moves initiated, challenges accepted. Rise up, climb the steps, keep it simple, keep it sincere. Avoid aggression, use your charm. Ensure you […]

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