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BELTANE, the first of May……lusty month!

May—lust, love, adventures, passions and purifications. The heat of creation runs pulsing through blood. Fullness, celebration, relationships…..hugs and hand holding! Fire time, time of brightness ….. lightness, reds and yellows, rich rich greens. Naked and honest, ask your questions. Herbs within flames, throw into the bonfire sage, rosemary, cedar leaves. May sees the focus very […]

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Through April and May, salute the trees, bow and smile. Willow tree roots run deep, finding the flow and pulse of water. Emotional and spiritual, their branches bend. The willow tree is closely associated with the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, the power of the ‘Windy Moon’ of April. Hawthorn, the Irish Faerie Tree, is magical […]

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To the Cherokee, April full moon is the Flower Moon, to the Ancient Chinese and Japanese, the time of ‘the stirring of insects’. Energy is moving, chi change is rapid—-April and May can be the time of removing obstacles, ‘old battles’, and letting things blossom and buzz. All is blooming with life and colour, ready […]

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SPECIAL 60 YEAR CYCLE…..between your 60th and 61st birthdays…new chapter begins!

when you celebrate your 60th year birthday, the chi energy which surrounds you, and that within you—is exactly the same as the year you were born. Just like beginning again, this ‘rebirth’, new start chi energy…according to ancient traditional Chinese astrology–ba zi……means that if you need to begin again, start a new chapter, move, change, […]

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