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See the MEDIA page on this website. Excerpts from a few of my many TV shows. More to see on YOU TUBE, put Paul Darby feng shui into the search box, or use GOOGLE.. thanks ?

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Using Awareness, Intention, Motivation… A. I. M. … ?… hit your target.. Let your plans develop. Release the arrow. Let it go. All good things.. Paul ?

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Good news about my Feng Shui Doctor book…..

My book.. THE FENG SHUI DOCTOR.. will be re-released at the end of 2020. My publisher Watkins have just been in touch. Rat Year brings new starts and transformations. Hurrahs. All good things ? Paul……

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Housebusters.. Channel 5 TV

Thanks for all the great comments from people watching me on HOUSEBUSTERS, British TV. Glad you like it ? ⭐ All good things.. Paul

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Set Sail!

Pull up the anchor. Haul up the sails. Leave the safety of the harbour, be out of sight of land. Head for new destinations, let the adventures begin. Be ready, be prepared, have your compass and map. Be brave, go forward, accept what comes, weather the storms, head for glory. Serendipity calls you, say yes…… […]

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