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The full moon is on the 5th March. Spring Lantern festival on that day is the last of the celebrations welcoming in the new year energy, year of the goat/sheep/ram. It is a day for enjoying and celebrating the first full moon of the new year. A time of parties, of family gatherings. People watch […]

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CAMELLIA FLOWERS… and friendship power……..

Camellia in ancient Chinese Feng Shui is the symbol of love and friendship. The flower of camellia helps to nurture and maintain relationships and friendships. Arrange five camellia flowers around a pink candle====place in the northeastern sector of your home, light the candle, let the light and energy guide you forwards to affinity, to refreshment […]

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MEDIA—kindred spirit, 4-4-2, housebusters

goat year begins sunny daze my media profile is rising with interviews for KINDRED SPIRIT and 4-4-2 all about my energy work for buildings and people……..and of course, HOUSEBUSTERS on Channel 5, my work to transform homes with weird and destructive energies,,,, all good things,

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GOAT YEAR begins Feb 19th 2015—gung hai fa choi

Horse year energy in death throes Goat year energy soon to begin A year that welcomes adventures, chances, artistic/creative projects, romance, deepening relationships The warmth months in particular can be good for rapid progress, movement of locations, big changes Agile goat allows you to ‘climb up the mountain’, and see ‘new views’

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???BAFFLED??? ruffled? Soon moon reveals chi chances……

February is the ‘change of years month’, a change of chi energy is happening, firstly as a trickle then stronger and stronger mid month, as GOAT is born and begins to frolic! Baffled right now? Wait a little longer if you need to, then the outlook gets brighter and clearer. Clues are coming, signposts for […]

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