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HONEYSUCKLE…….the lusty month of May

May 1st is Beltane, time for desires to be declared, the energy is rising, ready for adventures and proposals. Newness begins now, stop hesitating…….say YES, open the doors, hugs and kisses. Dance, whirl, sing, create, accept what comes with open arms, no holding back now, as we are about to enter the ‘summer of love’. […]

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BIRTH, within days

within three days, new birth, new emotions, new times of joy, new days of hope and positive movement. The energy is tingling with goodness…use it before the weekend, to give birth to a new way, play, dance, sing, use colour………use music, use art, use joy, be willing to give birth, to see newness around, a […]

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magic of tulips, physical beauty and attraction……..emotional beauty, beauty of life itself, bursting forth. Magnetism, desirability is enhanced by red and yellow tulips–place them in the south sector of your home, place them on your office desk. Tulip energy resonates with heart energy, vibrations are good and in harmony, use them to pursue love desires, […]

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full moon, May 4th, flower moon

in Cherokee tradition, May full moon is the Planting Moon…..the soil is warm, ready for the seed to be implanted, and then watch the seed grow. Implant new ideas, new relationships with passion and kisses in May—watch them grow! Choctaw call the May full moon the Panther Moon……..a time to hunt down what you desire, […]

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The full moon of April is now with us, for the rest of the month, cleanse, purify, focus on establishing good relationships, go deeper, embrace, feel the love building, do not cause arguments, do not ‘make waves’—–as we head for Beltane….and ‘the summer of love’…… Beltane falls on the first day of May. Beltane is […]

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