Monthly Archives: February 2017

CHANGE OF SEASONS….for us, late winter…early spring. See the flowers, watch the sky.

The first snowdrops lift the chi, spring is on its way. Bees are awakening from hibernation, the wheel of fertility begins to turn. Soon the celandine will appear, warm yellow, to welcome the sun. Wood anemones soon, first narcissus push outwards. Cockerel year, full of energy, encourages you to ask for newness, ask for more, […]

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SOLMONAP………mud month

The name comes from the old English word for mud……Saint Bede recorded that this is the time to make smallcake offerings to the land, freshly ploughed/dug. It marks the end of Yuletide, and the stirrings of Spring, a change of seasons, a change of chi energy…after the 11 February, the Woif/Snow Moon. Light eight white […]

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