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*Life Energy Advice
*Feng Shui Energy Advice……homes/businesses/gardens/land/retail/restaurants
*Meditation/Qi Gong Energy Tonics….stressbusting

‘Paul is a very wise man……let him guide you,’ Elizabeth, Lancashire….
‘Paul has his finger on the pulse of the Universe,’ Keira, Scotland


Paul began his spiritual career as ‘the feng shui doctor’, a feng shui consultant–used by private individuals, celebrities, well known High Street names, TV, Radio, magazines, newspapers—that was over 30 years ago now.
Over the years, with his Ph.D. research, his intense, deep study of ancient rituals, belief systems, quantum physics, musical vibrational therapy, Paul has fully developed his sensitive spirituality, practical shamanistic ritual, Tibetan and Zen Buddhism, including Tibetan Chenrezig Empowerment, to be known these days as–
—THE GURU GEEZER, helper, adviser, ‘energy worker’, psychic, healer, life guru—

Paul provides practical, spiritual connections and advice……’common sense life coaching/guidance.’

Paul is a world renowned expert on all kinds of vibrational energy work, with a solid reputation built over many years of consultation work, media appearances, magazine/newspaper articles
and his book, a guide to everything feng shui, interior design meets vibrational energy work
******put paul darby feng shui into any search engine, and read pages about him and what he has done.


Paul is internationally recognised worldwide as one of the top leading authorities on ‘oriental philosophy’, the ‘natural external and internal energies’….deep meditation techniques, qi gong, vibrational energy healing and dowsing. He has, over many years, provided successful solutions for stressed out people and problem buildings.
Paul is still today, sought after by stars, corporate institutions, small businesses and private individuals for personal advice and consultations. Paul provides advice on ‘energy healing’, restoration of ‘energy circulation’, within the body, within buildings—-shamanistic insight, feng shui, meditation, psychic connections, qi-gong,
ba zi energy cycles, energy healing and life guidance.

He offers sensitive, selective, individualised services— from celebrities–singers, actors, sportspeople, private individuals and families, from football stadia, to coffee shops, from cottages to newly built mansions, huge spiritual gardens and spaces, to ‘postage stamp’ sized back yards.
Internationally, to over 37 countries so far—–Paul delivers one to one advice, down to earth, practical, common-sense—–unique, carefully blended ranges of attuned services for discerning, spiritually aware people.


Simple solutions in a complex world, ancient skills for modern living,

He proves to be one of the most widely used and popular ‘life gurus’ in the U.K.

‘Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.’ OSCAR WILDE.


‘Air is nothing, yet a windstorm can destroy a city.’ SHEN-GO LIN. Feng Shui Master

Paul focuses constantly on the deep spiritual aspects of his daily work using, ‘manipulating’, adjusting the naturally flowing external and internal vibrational energies…and how these affect us and where we live and work.
Indeed, more and more,  many of his clients swear to the fact that, just speaking to Paul, chatting to him about their problems, asking his advice===has altered their energies for the better, making them feel much more positive.
Paul, a Dao-Buddhist, prepares for his ‘energy reading and manipulation’ work, by using deep meditation techniques to make him more totally aware of the ‘frequencies’ he is about to enter and work with…..he then is able to provide great healing and psychic insight to his clients.

‘Knowledge comes only from experience.’ LAO TZU. Chinese Sage.


‘Don’t runaway from life, run with it!’ LEONARD COHEN.


‘My  entire life is spiritual, joyful and fun–
—my life is filled with light, with warmth, with positivity.’ PAUL DARBY–THE GURU GEEZER

‘Love is the only engine of survival.’ LEONARD COHEN.

Namaste–all good things——-pdx


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