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THE FENG SHUI DOCTOR by Paul Darby, published by db re-released by Watkins publishers, entitled

Paul’s book is a practical common sense guide to feng shui in every room, easy to follow, easy to work with.
Introduction by Paul’s friend and client, the actor MARTIN SHAW.
Available from AMAZON, all good bookshops worldwide,
translated into 13 languages.
Now available on KINDLE…and as an AUDIO BOOK at the AUDIBLE app…

My three courses, written for the BRITISH SCHOOL OF YOGA, still remain popular.
My name is not mentioned on the BSY details, but the three courses I have written are:
ADVANCED FENG SHUI [very easy and practical, to guide you through]
TIBETAN BUDDHIST MEDITATION [very pure and simple form of mindfulness]
ZEN MEDITATION FOR MODERN LIVING [stressbusting, just the help you need in everyday life]

very popular, easy to follow design guidelines…..THE ESSENCE OF A JAPANESE GARDEN, within your garden space….OR, contact Paul direct to get a specific JAPANESE garden design for all or part of your garden.




Let’s begin in the EAST, where the sun rises,
here evergreen plants like bamboo, crassula and aspidistra are good,
along with the colours of red or yellow or green. In the east, you may wish to locate a dragon ornament, at around eye height maximum, when you are standing. ****Feng shui ornaments are not a necessity, but if you like them/want them, ok, go ahead, use them. Also in the EAST, small statue of SAU, god of health.
Please note, any statue with eyes, eyes should not face the front door, the kitchen or toilet.
EAST is also a good place for a Buddha statue.
In the SOUTHEAST, sun is here around elevenish in the morning, same colours to choose from as the EAST,
southeast can be good for placement of a water feature, an aquarium, fish ornaments, even the three legged toad, place him on the floor in a dark corner, well away from any fire or radiators.
Lots of wood in the east and the southeast, and also in the SOUTH—where the sun is around midday.
Reds/yellows, lights, galloping horse ornaments, exotic birds, fiery brightness, touches of purple.
SOUTHWEST, sun is here in the afternoon, around three-ish, good for pinks, toffee, terracotta, fudge,
pictures of lovers, statue of Kuan Yin, pairs of ornaments, rose quartz crystals, little vases, uplighters, and rounded metallic shapes.
The WEST–where the sun sets, is great for music, art, relaxing, drinks, whites, creams, silvery greys, bells, musical instruments, parties, enjoyment, home cinemas, music systems, getting away from it all.
Add earthy colours such as dark red, terracotta, fudge, toffee to add stability to the zingy metal colours.
NORTHWEST, great for a study, an office, colours as for the west, add pale wood [pale wood in the WEST as well], such as maple, and the three star gods, Luk, Fuk and Sau if you wish, these can also be used in the dining room area. Also good in the northwest to symbolise removal of obstacles— elephant, Buddha and dragon headed turtle, –[if you enjoy having feng shui ornaments around!] In the northwest, copper, brass, brushed steel in vases and bowls, on window ledges and shelves are good to strengthen the flow of chi energy. Also in the northwest, angels, faeries, gurus –ornaments and pictures.
NORTH—-evergreen plants, water feature, the colour green/turquoise, fish ornaments, large shells, and metallic colours of white, cream, silvery grey.
The NORTHEAST, very special high energy area, earthy and metallic colours, even touches of fiery colours, well lit, ornaments and pictures of the Buddha, angels, faeries — spiritual books, a great sector to meditate, do yoga, have a small home gym.

Eating in the east/southeast is good, also a great location for a kitchen.
South–front door, frontage, brilliant
Bedrooms in the north, west and northwest– really enriching for sleep patterns.

facing/sitting in pa kua
NORTH—green, white, cream, silvery grey, wood
NORTHEAST—white, cream, silvery grey, red, terracotta, yellow
EAST—green, red, yellow, wood
SOUTHEAST—same as east
SOUTH—same as southeast, red is best
SOUTHWEST—red, terracotta, white, cream, silvery grey, yellow
WEST—white, silvery grey, cream, charcoal grey, very dark red
NORTHWEST—same as west, silvery grey the very best

Living rooms===should ‘live’–so do not over clutter, keep them simple,
let the chi circulate well-
—living rooms in the east/southeast/south===basically, morning sun, use touches of reds
and yellows, evergreen plants[crassula, bamboo, aspidistra]-
–afternoon sun, southwest, west, northwest and north
——whites, creams, silvery greys, golds, bronzes.
Northeast, early morning sun–earthy colours, choose from–fudge, toffee, dark red, terracotta.

Choose two main colours, keep it simple–avoid being ‘too busy’ with colours/ornaments/pictures.

Dining Rooms, morning sun—lots of wood, evergreen plants, afternoon sun—pale wood like maple–
you have the dining table–so USE it for all meals when possible, AND—–on the table,
rounded place mats, a bowl of fruit, and if possible
a mirror which reflects the dining table, to double the ‘lucky chi’.

Bedrooms—-pastel colours, contrasted with dark colour—–
For instance, in the ‘morning sun’ rooms=====citrus yellow and dark red,
Ensure the bed is against a solid wall–the one with no door, no window in it, ensure the bedhead has a good view of the door and window, always have a large wooden headboard.
‘Afternoon sun’ rooms—-whites, creams, silvery greys, pale wood.
NO cupboards over the top of the bed!


Bathrooms,—and all rooms which contain flowing water, coming in clean, going out dirty!
*****Avoid plants, blues, greens, flowers, and anything to do with/connected with the sea and water.

Go really EARTHY, warm up the rooms—-choose from coffee, toffee, aubergine, plum, slate grey,
terracotta, mustard yellow, peach, apricot—-tiles, towels, flannels, shower curtains and
place small terracotta pots of pebbles and stones near outlet pipes, to ‘kill’ the nasty water!

Kitchens,—good lighting, open, airy, pots of herbs on the window ledge.
All in the room should be to do with food and drink, no ornaments, no ‘rubbish’ collecting.
Follow the rules for colours as set out for other rooms.

If the cooker is in the west, northwest, north sector of the house, then use stainless steel
pots and pans, accessories around and on the hobs to ‘kill’ the fire/metal/water conflict!

Home Office,—morning sun–lots of wood, touches of red/yellow and a few evergreen plants
Afternoon sun–very pale woods, painted wood, creams, whites, silvery greys. Bronze and copper/brass
also very good.

LAPTOPS/TABLETS====…see Paul’s work for LOGITECH…..
SOUTH–good for connections to outside world–sales, marketing, dating, facebook, twitter–
try to have red/yellow around you — near you–for instance, red/yellow cushions.
WEST IS BEST–for private time, creative time, DVDS, music, games, loving messages,, your
‘private space’, away from the world… near you have whites/creams/silvery greys.

Halls,—open, clear, bright, friendly, well lit!
Morning sun–yellow is the best, afternoon sun—white, cream, pale yellow.

*****Uplighters, with shades pointing to ceiling–far better than ‘down lights’,
helps the chi energy keep circulating, not going stagnant.

not too many colours in one room and stay off busy patterns, solid colours are much more powerful!
Keep it natural, simple, easy on the eye……all good things,

GARDENS…–any style of garden can be feng shui friendly, simply by using the following rules:
*Go for curves, roundness, avoid straight lines.
*Have little hidden, hideaway places, you should not be able to see all of your garden in one glance–
*Beware just a lawn, with a tree ‘stuck’ in it!
*Shape curving pathways around your garden, through your garden, dividing it into ‘exterior rooms’
*If your garden gets morning sun===get yellows, reds, greens, purples in there.
*If you want to grow fruit/salad/veg–east/southeast/south is the best location.

*Afternoon and evening sun suits pebbles, stones, whites, creams, pastel shades, and loads of fragrance
—–lavenders, curry plant, viburnum are ideal.

*NORTH shady garden, greens, evergreens—-small plum tree, pulmonaria, fatsia, hostas, ferns.

*Try to have at least two, possible three seating areas–one obvious and open, the others slightly or totally hidden away–in the very open, fiery bright colours—perhaps with strong lighting, wooden table, barbecue in the SOUTH
a hideaway private cuddle garden in the southwest/west, Japanese, stones, pebbles–good, with cuddle seat
and a ‘shady nook’ in the north/northeast—metal seating and sculptures good!
Ancient Skills for Modern Living, simple solutions in a complex world……


Paul Using Dousing Rods

*****For more on all topics about Paul’s work
……to do with feng shui,energy mending/blending, meditation, life advice, regression and spiritual matters, put ‘paul darby feng shui’ into google search engine.

The following ‘subjects’ in paintings/photos/wall-hangings–really suit the feng shui areas/sectors mentioned…..
NORTH===water, ocean, waterfalls, flowing rivers….’progress and movement’.
NORTHEAST===sacred and spiritual, protective and caring…angels/faeries/gurus/holy people and places.
EAST and SOUTHEAST===green rolling fields and hills, fruits, flowers….’growth and ambition’.
SOUTH===brights and fiery, flames, reds/yellows===galloping horses, exotic birds, film posters, celebrities.
SOUTHWEST===pairs/couples. Lovers, kissing, KLIMT ‘The Kiss’.
WEST===fun, music, surrealistic/abstract art, Dali, dancers, cartoons, ‘weird and wonderful’–Heath Robinson machines.
NORTHWEST===elephants, gurus, angels/faeries.

*****photos…..BIG INFLUENCES ON YOUR LIFE, relatives who have passed over, gurus-Northeast………….FAMILY GROUPS….in the east, babies/toddlers/children in the west. LOVERS in the southwest……….

FENG SHUI…colours
‘I’m picking up good vibrations’……the Beach Boys were right…….colours bring vibrations…..just like music does….so…….red is passionate and lucky,
yellow stimulates and moves–is welcoming,
too much green can be restless,
‘Over’orange-ing makes you hungry,
earthy colours–toffee, fudge, terracotta, help to stabilise the natural energies, less high emotions,
metallic colours–whites, creams, silvery-greys zing…..good in creative spaces in the WEST and NORTHWEST
and in the high energy meditation/home gym sector of the NORTHEAST.

Colours, like everything else, are vibrational energy that either brings discord or harmony. Use them carefully.
Colours, like music, can change your mood rapidly, and you will develop favourite ones to surround yourself with, to dress in, to sleep under…..be aware of what you are using and where!

All ancient civilizations had no word for BLUE—–the too powerful vastness of sky and sea. Everything is vibrational energy—suggest you read any book on quantum physics by Brian Cox, so colours vibrate in the same way as music vibrates, both can change our moods, our feelings, our emotions, so use colours carefully.
BLUE is considered to be very emotional, high peaks of moods, tricky in living rooms, bedrooms, and definitely a
big NO NO in bathrooms, ensuites, toilets, laundry, utility rooms.

Bright, fiery, growth colours, red/yellow—–use in rooms that get ‘yang’ morning sun.
More neutral, earthy, pastel shades—use in rooms that get the ‘yin’ afternoon sun.
RED–energy, passion, good energy and luck—it was the first colour named in all ancient languages, it is the colour of life, the colour of blood.
YELLOW–sunshine, stimulating, welcoming.
GREEN–use in small touches, too much can be ‘cool and restless’ like big open fields.
BLUE–too emotional, use sparingly, in ‘small doses’.
Earthy colours—-terracotta/fudge/toffee/coffee/peach/apricot/lavender/pink/citrus yellow—very stabilising and ‘grounding’–good in bedrooms
Metallic colours—white, cream, silvery grey, bronze, silver, gold===zingy and uplifting energy.

In Living rooms/dining rooms/kitchens—–use brighter colours.
In bedrooms—–more pastel shades.
In bathrooms/toilets/wetrooms/utility/ensuites–strong earthy colours and NO BLUES!

Colours, vibrational energy ‘transformers’ can be used in wall colours, but also in soft furnishings—–drapes, cushions, rugs, throws, beanbags, pictures, photos.

FENG SHUI IS de-light-ful…LIGHT moves energy!
*Good lighting, well placed, helps to raise and move chi energy.
*Uplighter shades/lights are best, directing the light upwards not down.
*Good bright lights at the top and bottom of stairs and just inside and outside the front door, keep the chi flowing evenly and steadily.
*Light balconies, patios, garden pathways when you can.
*Uplighters in corners/alcoves of rooms, areas where there are low ceilings, so useful to stop the chi energy getting slow, treacle-like and stagnant.
*Kitchens–use spotlights–point them at washers/dishwashers/fridges and at cookers/ovens/hobs–to push water and fire away from one another……

*****MUCH MORE on all this,
and feng shui advice/help for every room in Paul’s book, THE FENG SHUI DOCTOR, published by dbp, available at all bookstores and on AMAZON….paul-darby-cover-bigTo be re-released in January 2021 by Watkins publishers.

…’Paul’s vast knowledge and advice are ceaselessly valuable.
He is a force of nature, and I hope he will give you a rewarding and fascinating journey too, bringing peace and harmony.’ MARTIN SHAW….a client and friend of Paul’s, who wrote the intro to Paul’s book==THE FENG SHUI DOCTOR == Martin Shaw is a much loved, award winning actor, on stage, on screen, on TV….


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