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Live simply, simply live

Avoid the dazzling headlights, the revealing streetlamps of the rushing daze……the knots and complications. Walk, simply unadorned, take no heavy luggage……weary yourself not. Refuse to believe the shallow veneers, the synthetic smiles. Be with the givers, not the takers. Stay with the makers, never the fakers…….let them fade into bubbles. Simply live, live simply, direct—honest—intuitive, […]

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OSTARA…..Eostre Eggs.

Spring comes, the ‘stirring of the insects’, flowers and blossom, trees sprout, leaves pop! Light returns, warmth improves, chi energy rises. Eggs symbolise this time of rebirth and hope! Ostara festival is all about fertility, youth, new growth. This is the time of the pagan goddess as Maiden, young, joyous, full of life. Celebrate with […]

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ALDER TREE…….creativity……….

Monkey year is a year of solutions and imaginative creativity…..lateral thinking. The alder tree symbolises all these things in ancient feng shui. Brings whispers from our instinct, our subconscious, releases good imaginative thoughts. It can help to provide shelter from emotional turmoil, allowing you to see things clearly. Alder tree in the south of your […]

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CHERRY BLOSSOM….symbol of adventure in FENG SHUI

Vibrant candy pinkness! Symbol of adventure, newness, hope, growth, ambition… in the eastern feng shui sector of your home where the sun rises. Three sprigs of pink cherry blossom……chi energy will rise, clearing away stagnation.. Harshness in relationships/partnerships can be soothed, gentle softness can shine through. Open your heart and arms, see what comes.

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CAMELLIA……symbol of helping to attract and maintain love and friendships.

In feng shui, pink and red camellias are best positioned in the east and southeast sectors. Have good motivation as you collect camellia flowers to place in these sectors, three in the east, three in the southeast……to attract back love that is wanted. Camellia is also a symbol of boosted energy, rising energy and new […]

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FEBRUARY FULL MOON……….22ND…..monkey year begins to behave!

the full moon of February is the start, only a start mind you, to the positive creativeness of monkey year! To the Cherokee, it is the Bony Moon, the quickening moon, the ‘stirring of insects’ in Taoism, when the energies of the new year begin to lift and support. It is the time when ‘people […]

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