Monthly Archives: December 2015

21st of December,,, Guru’s birthday,,,,,solstice—–yule.

Lights,,,,camera,,action! Step into the limelight! Ward off the negative,,,welcome the positive. Healthchecks now are good, to be rid of fears and negativity,,,,then………proceed with caution, but check the fine details. Great time for moves, changes, advances, expansions, career move plans, partnership plans. NOW until end of March 2016,,, but do check before you sign your name […]

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December… moon 11th,,,,,full moon 25th

To the Cherokee,,,,December is the Snow Moon energy phase. Choctaw call this time the Peach Moon. The Dakota Sioux call it the twelfth moon. Onset of change,,,,out of the tunnel,,, time for decisions, proposals, look inwards now. MEDITATE on what needs doing,,,plan for change as the year changes from goat to monkey on February 8th. […]

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