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Because people keep asking me, I do keep working…BUT, I don’t do as much, and I select carefully… ….what I do and how I do it…..all can be seen on my SERVICES page at For relaxation, stressbusting, sportfocus, awareness, helpful videos—all free of charge.. ..please see As a very keen archer, I have […]

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In Cherokee tradition, May full moon is the Planting Moon. New seeds, new ways, to bear fruit in the autumn, September/October time. The Choctaw call this full moon, on the 21st, the Panther Moon, big opportunities stalk you, listen to them purr and growl! Bursts of energy coming, animals, plants, flowers and birds, watch for […]

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Honeysuckle is symbolic of being rid of hesitancy, unsticking the clogs and blockages. Best grown or displayed in the east, south east or best of all south feng shui sector of your house/garden. Honeysuckle also represents releasing things that no longer serve to enhance your life flow forward. Release fears, stop hesitating, be adventurous a […]

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summer of monkey year

With the new moon of May just passed, we enter the chi energy phase of this creative, problem solving monkey year. A sorting is needed in May and June, be rid of old worries and obstacles. Move on, travel, unravel….seek and you will find. JULY, fly. This is the summer of love,,,a hot time of […]

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