rat—time to sort out your finances and increase your income, time to find a special love if you are still looking! Be ready to commit and say YES! Much improvement coming mid year. New businesses do well.

ox—ups and downs, so stick to routines and rituals…..emotionally uplifting, ride high and smile and sing. Take no risks with finances, allow romance and warmth in; do not overdo, you will regret it! Keep it simple, slow steps.

tiger—learn calmness, do not be restless. Slow, certain, steady progress, especially with legal and financial matters! Focus on the home and enjoyment…lower your workload, higher your expectations.

rabbit—go for a new image, go for extensions, new builds, go for expansion. Very satisfying year, change image, change location, see problems dissolve! Rewarding times, especially midyear.

dragon—a time for tying up loose ends. Take every opportunity to rest and just watch and sit and smile!
New places beckon, opportunities await you there. Go and see, climb up steps, see how good the view is.

snake—glamour, limelight, performance-all bring success! Stick to the tried and tested, major new plans, next year please, for now — just stick to what you know, the script that works so well for you, keep a high profile!

horse—steady progress, but–think–have you changed? or–just pretended to change??
Focus on calmness, slowness, simplicity and loved ones…….get health problems fixed early in the year if needsbe.
Do not be greedy!

goat—be practical, make lists — take action! Very lucky year for promotion, bonuses, opportunities and new chances—just say yes, and move upwards! Romance is close by in the spring and summer.

monkey—do something different and make money. Widen your area of work, and widen your circle of contacts. Summer and Autumn excellent energy times. Relationships could be stormy, much shouting and niggles……stay calm, negotiate. Think before you speak.

cockerel—pleasing creative developments to all projects, with much progress——the more creative the better!
Satisfying results and rewards, especially in the warmer months. Get out and about, extend social networks. Be open to new ideas given to you by youngsters.

dog—focus on home and family. Repairs and maintenance needed, do it or regret not doing it! A move is on the cards, very beneficial to say yes to something new mid year…..loved ones will be supportive. An up and down year, keep it open, honest, simple. Smile and nod.

pig—relationships bring lasting happiness, BUT be prepared to commit fully! Work progress, though slow right now, will be good as the warmer months come in. Keep romance alive, cuddles, kisses, holding hands, say the right things and mean them—-untangle any remaining knots.

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