For those who live in colder climes, Spring comes as a relief from winter’s darkness and chilliness.
The light returns, hope is restored, buds appear on trees, flowers begin to blossom, nature celebrates with myriad forms of new life. Ostara, Celtic Festival, is a time of the symbolism of fertility, youth, new growth.
Creative goat year energy helps to support this and move things forward.

This is the energy time of the Goddess as Maiden, young, joyous, full of life, singing and dancing……..
be creative, as March ends, begin something fun and wonderful–art, photography, music, singing, dancing, all bring zinging new energy to help you through from old to new.

Celebrate Spring, start your own new beginnings.
In feng shui birds and frogs are considered very lucky, both are born twice.
Frog/toad ornaments in the eastern sector of your house, and the south-east–enhance your quality of life energy—plus brightly coloured birds in the south,,,,, pairs of birds on the southwest…..to establish deeper love relationships.
all good things,

Ostara is a time of hope, joy and expectation……….there is much potential for growth, after the 20th March, through to the beginning of April, launch new projects/businesses.
A bright future, great opportunities and creative potential–sing and dance, stand in the spotlight, good creative thoughts become tangible now. Soon comes the equinox, balancing light and dark, yin and yang—–share good fortune, help a needy cause.

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