JULY—special energy month, two full moons and a powerful new moon..HURRAH!

JULY—special energy month, two full moons and a powerful new moon..HURRAH!

July is a very special energy month in this goat year—-there is a full moon right at the start of the month, on the 2nd, then again on the 31st, plus a powerful new moon on the 16th.
This means the chi energy rising and stabilising, supporting new adventures, risks, being brave.

A chance, a big opportunity to change your path, new job, new fulfilling love, a new creative process can begin in July…..confirm, deepen.

In Cherokee tradition, July early moon is the Ripe Corn Moon, time of growth and creativity….the Choctaw call the later full moon of July, the Crane Moon—–a time of realisation and wisdom, a new dawn.
July brings high chi energy, celebrate, dance, construct simple rituals each day….spend time by waterfalls, rivers, the ocean, look at hills, walk near trees, talk to the moon and the stars…….whisper your secrets.. then, send them skywards.
7/7 is the luckiest day of the year…..the day to be your bravest, to broach awkward questions, topics, to ask and be granted what you ask.

Success, growth, newness, change, all can happen in the month of two full moons…..use the energy wisely.
The full moons of goat year July bring knowledge, wisdom, awakening, communication is needed, by written form, or better still with your voice….ask what you will, what is in your heart.
……..Within feng shui sectors of the home, add fiery bright colours to the south, and metal rounded ornaments to the northeast and northwest, add something made of bamboo to the northern sector; sunrises and sunsets are special, use the full day to your advantage, the energy is high and pure, ready to be fully used.
Bridges can be built where they’re are now walls……..walk on!

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