dipping down to Halloween—-31st October

dipping down to Halloween—-31st October

towards the weekend, the chi energy begins to faulter, slow and dip.
You may already be experiencing communication problems, delays, logjams, if not, then you will very soon!

After October 21st, the energy stalls somewhat, so any action/decisions needed, please do before then.

Darkness, earthy energy, static but supportive and cuddlesome, then prevails til the month of October ends.

Samhain/Halloween is the final harvest.
It is the Celtic New Year, the time when, whatever has not been harvested, must be left in the fields for the wandering spirits of other world energy–
—-much the same with any decisions/action needed……not done by then, you may as well leave well alone and wait a while for the energy to rebuild.

Samhain—-is the night of the Dumb Supper, the Hungry Ghosts, night of the Ancestors, the night to work with, to smile and remember the Dead Ones.
It is a night of release, of relief, of grief……..it is also the time of fresh starts, of baby new energy growing and growing, wait a while—-it will soon become strong.
It is the time of fresh starts———whatever hasn’t worked, throw out, and start again!
Hecate at the crossroads, get ready to choose, but as November begins, think and plan again, a crisp fresh, new piece of paper. The powerful horse year energy in November and December does not suffer fools gladly.
Are you at a crossroads? Do you need to ask advice? if you ask, whatever the answer that comes back, accept!
If you ask, you will be given the answer whether you like it or not!
Reconnect with helpful, wise ancestors,.who give good advice—reach back as far as you can, light a candle in the northeast sector of your home, a dark red one is best, white is fine…[never leave candles unattended].
Then, love them and let them go….start afresh, be ready…..xpd……..

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