COCKEREL YEAR BEGINS…..JANUARY 28TH 2017….gung hai fa choi…….

COCKEREL YEAR BEGINS…..JANUARY 28TH 2017….gung hai fa choi…….

Cockerel year is a time for looking forward…..onward and upward. Watch the small detail though, and take no financial risks early in the year!

Politically and domestically, this is a year for the downtrodden to make their voices heard…say exactly what you want.

It is the perfect year, especially spring and summer to expand, retire, change patterns, move, rise.
Bullies will now get their comeuppance.

Relationships may be rocky; late on in the year; reconciliations tricky…..anger explodes over niggly things.
Steer clear of disagreements, especially petty squabbles. Harmony comes in 2018, loyal dog year.
Beware of nitpicking, pecking away, nagging and being overly critical.
Flaunt your image to the world, stand in the spotlight, advance your career by promotion, by movement….be sure to get what you are worth. Bright colours work in all things!
Bright colours of clothes, bright, simple jewellery, chic, smart and casual set the trend.

RAT…..upwardly mobile, positive surprises…..important events come as the year warms up. Romance, resolve issues, sort and hug!

OX…..Take heart, this is a good year for important decisions…..get the next chapter sorted now. Move on, read the small print carefully. Turn the page.

TIGER…..a time of prosperity and well being,,, things finally get sorted. Celebrate, take the money, smile! Major ambitions can be fulfilled. Happy comings and goings……..movement west best.

RABBIT…..difficulties are thrown up, aim modestly, not too high. Focus on family quality time and sorting out the little things.

DRAGON…..a time of superlative achievements, notably opportunities in the summer and autumn. Fame and fortune, position and power……use them to your advantage. Lucky chi is with you, use it well.

SNAKE…..emotionally satisfying, if financially expensive, but worth every penny. Retire, move, change, turn the page, begin a new chapter somewhere else! Final efforts in the late summer will be rewarded.

HORSE…..short breaks and small quick projects bring much joy. Frustrations at work, just be patient, wait for newness to occur, then gallop. Good friendships and romance make it all worthwhile.

GOAT…..a time of new beginnings, May and June are especially rewarding. Unravel the stressful tangles, start again. Success comes by getting the balance right.

MONKEY……great start to the year, in the spotlight. Stay busy and constructive, creative activities are much favoured in the northeast, northwest. Mix pleasure and business, do not become over emotional.. stand your ground, do not flounce out!

COCKEREL…..Believe in yourself, spring is the time to jump! Promote further existing plans and projects. New ventures, put on hold til much later in the year, then they will stand more chance of success.

DOG… and downs……crisis and problems early on, better in the summer and autumn. Lucky breaks will come near full moons. Do not miss them. Ask professional advice if wary.

PIG…..uphill struggles early, lack of motivation….get to the summer to witness good changes, movement.
Take no financial risks, neither a borrower or a lender be! Money will not come back if you give it away! Romance excellent, change of job, location, should be welcomed. Trot forwards, do not squeal!

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