AUGUST FULL MOON, the 10th……

AUGUST FULL MOON, the 10th……

To the Cherokee,
August is the Fruit Moon.
Many tree fruits ripen in August—-peaches, plums, some apples.
In Choctaw tradition, August moon is the Women’s Moon, a time for feminine charms to succeed in love!

The Dakota Sioux refer to the August Moon as the moon when all things ripen, a time of new ways forward and strong creativity.
August marks an energy shift, a drift of growth and changes……investments, energy growth, time to move on.
Work to strengthen communication, and ties to new friends and ‘lovers’!

Time to have sunflowers in the house, in the SOUTH sector,
they symbolise truth, shedding light on secrets and mysteries, discovering new pathways forward—three sunflowers in a bright red vase in the south of your home, throughout August.

all good things,

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