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the time is right, the energy is rising, get outside as much as you can, if you get the chance to be near water, especially the sea, an ocean, be there the new moon has brought great chi energy to us, breathe it in harmonious resonances all good things

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new moon-8th july

time for healing, nurturing, generosity, be artistic, be creative, be musical, negotiate for peace, make agreements—–the home must be peaceful and harmonious, newness prospers–especially for Chinese ba zi animals— goat, pig, rabbit! all good things

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the title of my next book, hope you like it! Tomorrow I am working right in the heart of Birmingham Feng shui-ing a large and well known accountancy business…… all good things

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heat rising, chi rising, a good time for action, decisions, agreements– make offers, leave them ‘on the table’, allow others to think and respond, wait patiently…allow whispers to come, opportunities to arise…..all good things……..

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MEDICINE MAN! restoring the earth

Paul is being called for more and more often, to perform his dowsing, earth acupuncture and drumming rituals on ‘poisoned and stagnant’ land. Land used for horses, livestock, large gardens, hillside retreats. He has just successfully restored the ancient positive energies to MANE CHANCE HORSE SANCTUARY in Surrey. For details of this service, please see […]

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